Friday 2 April 2021

 Hello Again and long time no see.

I am trying my hand at blogging again after a break of, if my last post is to be believed, nearly 3 years. So I am testing myself and the great communications aether to see if we are compatable and get along.

Here goes.

My latest make is a DL sized card made using a gelliplate background.  I should point out at this early stage that gelliplate printing has become a new and very loved way of creating backgrounds and art in general.  Using the plate with, in this case, acrylic paint applied with a brayer, I produced the background. Combined with another craze, watercolouring, some torn paper, stamps and gel pen, I created this piece.

My inspiration comes from my own sense of what I like and various sources on-line. The products I use have great tutorials and the range of artists willing to share their processes and creativity is awesome.

As a crafty tinker, I play around with lots of different types of crafty methods and styles, shifting from one to the other depending on what I am making and what I may or may not have acquired from the craft store recently😉.

So, like I said this is the first post in a while. My makes and art style/type has changed since I initally started out making cards and scrapbook pages, but I think I have found what I like to do best: Just mess around with ink, paint, paper and scissors and see what developes.   So I have learned to go with whatever artistic vent appears that day and wait for the surprise. Use the supplies and don't overthink...a thing I am very good at.  Like someone wrote recently 'they'll always make more paper'.

I don't promote any products and I am not affiliated to any product or magazine. I am just a happy crafter sharing my makes.

 If you've dropped by and stayed to read , then thank you, and if you've commented, thank you for taking the time.

Stay Safe, be happy



Saturday 28 April 2018

If I could save time in a bottle - Scrap-Page

 Hello and welcome to my crafty blogg,

Back in the blogging mood and hoping to keep up the momentum.

I recently found the boxes of photos we stored in the garage and I really need to go through them and  make some choices on what we keep and what we let go.  Some many out of focus and wonky angles, I think it is time to let them drift off into photo heaven :-)

Today's post is a scrap-page using some die-cuts, stick-on letters and papers from my existing stash.  All items bought so long ago that I can't remember what the brand names are. Sorry.

The photo is old and cracked and I needed to take care not to do any additional damage so I mounted the photo onto some card stock and used that base to adhere the photo to the page.

My husband's father died late last year and this little photo is precious and deserved special treatment. Not many photos have survived and time and poor storage have not helped the condition of the photo.

I distressed the 12x12 page using   Tim Holtz Vintage Photo   distress ink and roughed the edges with a distress tool. I just started adding the layers and moving the pieces around until I got the look I wanted.
Faded, crinkled and worn.

I have a frame ready for the page and as soon as the ink drips and paint splashes dry I will complete the framing.

All being well I will maintain my blogging routine and get back into the swing again. See you next time and thank you for stopping by to visit my blog. Your vist and any comments left are appreciated.

Angela x

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Hello all and welcome to my crafty to blogg.

Another quick post of a journal page just completed today.  Using newspaper cutouts, acrylics, inks, Gelatos and crayola markers I created the page before I found a suitable quote. 

Just love art journaling. Like I said before, this process is great for letting the creative juices flow.

Give it a try.

Thanks for dropping by and visiting. Your time and comments are appreciated.


Saturday 16 September 2017

Hello All and welcome again to my crafty blog.

just a quick post of my latest journal page which I posted on the Maremi's Crafty Cafe Facebook page.
A nice place to post anything you create with great support and feedback..

My journal notebook is not really meant for art journaling and I need to stiffen the pages with additional layers. I use  paper napkins, strips of backing paper, drywall tape :-) and in this case just plain old tissue paper that I had stamped and written some words on. Adding the layers seem to help the page hold onto the adhesives and prevent tearing.

My first layer was the teal green acrylic paint, which I distressed with some gold inkpad and brown ink pad to 'dirtie' it up a bit.  I drew the branches in with pencil before going over the drawing with a brown marker and the black fin liner to add definition.  The cherry blossoms were stamped  and highlighted with a copics pen and I added the bird as a focal point.

Doing a lot more art journaling these days. Very freeing and gets the creativity flowing...well I think so. If you haven't tried it yet I recommend it.  I think art journaling can help with other craft projects because it does  help to break the rules  now and then :-) .


 Many thnks for you visit today, your time and comments are appreciated.

See you next time.

Anegela X

Saturday 15 April 2017

J is for Journey - Maremi's Creative Cafe

Hello and welcome to my crafty blog.

My post today is an ATC for the  #52Cafe Cards challenge running at Maremi's Creative Cafe.

Each week there is a new challenge based on a letter of the alphabet and my first entry is for J for Journey. I think anyone can join in and take part in the current and previous challenges.  Some very creative people here!

This challenge is good for me to help me get back into my crafting as work and home ( is houework ever done?) seem to take up a lot of time and energy, not to mention Mojo sapping.

 The make is a standard 3.5inch  x 2.5 inc ATC covered with some wrapping paper I had in my stash. The suitcases are cutouts from a magazine and the sentiment is  again from my stash from way back.

Baby-steps back into my crafting. I am certainly going back in for another letter to keep the creative juices

Thank you for visiting today. Your time and comments are always appreciated.

Angela x

Sunday 19 March 2017

Colour Inspiration - Robins Egg

Hello and welcome to my craft blog.

Time to try something different methinks!
I was inspired by the photo taken in the garden yesterday when we discovered a beautiful Robin's nest in one of the bushes we were about to chop. At this tinme of year it is always worth checking before you start taking bushes and trees away.  The nests are well hidden and can be difficult to spot so take care. We were happy (well my husband is) that we have to suspend gardening until the nest is clear and the birds have fledged.

The colour of the blue eggs against the perfectly woven nest and the surrounding greenery is a true inspiration direct from nature. I am inspired to get crafting again, maybe a card or two....or more  :-)

Join in if you want and let me see what you have created using the colourselection below. You never know I might be able to russle up a prize for the first name out of the hat.
I 'll add my makes when finished.

Look forward to seeing who takes part and what the makes are like.

Many thanks for stopping by and visiting today.  Yout time and comments are appreciated.

Angela XX

Saturday 18 March 2017

Mixed Media Canvas :- Everything Stops for Tea

Hello and welcome to my craft Blog.

My post today is a recently completed Mixed Media Canvas inspired by the great mixed media representations of  tea-cups and tea pots you can view on Pinterest and other arty web-sites. There is a huge amount of inspiration out there and some very clever crafters.

My canvas was one from an older project that I was not happy with so I got out the Gesso and reclaimed/ recycled the canvas for this new project.
I created texture with scraps of paper and roughly painted background. I also used a template and texture paste to add interest with the scalloped edges and then went over the canvas with standard acrylic paints, mixing a few colours to get the effect I was after.

The cups are from a hand-drawn template I then used to cut out the cup shapes from patterned paper.  A little destressing and highlighting later the cups were ready to adhere to the canvas. The 'Everything Stops for Tea' letters are from my stash. The  painted red hearts were added to make the finished canvas ping a little.

All in all a lot of inky, painty, messy fun!

 I think this is not too bad for a first attempt and I am lining up another canvas for a make-over :-)

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  You Comments are welcome and appreciated.

Angela  xx