Tuesday 18 October 2011

All about me - Page 1

So here it is: first page of my 'All about ME' album.

Camera Shy

This page has been created for a project with S'CGBM and the title is All about me.

I am more used to creating pages of other people's photos so I found it difficult to put 'me' as the focus of the scrapbook page. So to break the spell I cut strips of coloured papers and made an oval frame for the photo, making me the main feature. Oh dear, can't get used to this much attention!

I don't have many old photos and this is the first one the surfaced in the hunt for scrapbook worthy material. A school photo, taken in about 1964 or 65 shows me in my hand-knit jumper, hair not as tidy as it should be and not looking at the camera. I hated having my photo taken. Even now I not that keen.

Looking at the photo I am reminded that I liked school. A lot! I think I was a bit of a swot.  The poor Sisters of Mercy nuns in the convent school tried desperately to make a 'young lady' out of me and  failed spectacularly.

Now I need to get my album cover sorted and I have a few ideas I want to try out first, but the good thing is I've started the'All about ME' process

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  1. Hi Angela. good to "meet" you.. love your blog. you are very talented.. looking forward to see more xxx

  2. Hi Angela - being nosy I looked at what you'd written underneath your photo in this lovely layout - hooted with laughter when I read it was about elbows and jumpers! Great photo - despite being camera shy. I was muttering your name a little bit whilst making the never-ending card for Livi this morning - sheesh, so many bits to cover, but it's finished. Err, and, it's VERY bright :)) Will try to remember to take a photo before I race out to post it this afternoon. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog - I needed it when the will to live was fast diminishing :)) Di xx

  3. Great LO Angela. I love the frame of coloured paper strips what a fan way to balance the photo

  4. Gosh i love your first layout for the ALl About Me Book group - i think ill have to call it AAMB group for short !! the strips of paper are a fabby idea - love it and thanks for sharing - looking forward to seeing what else you create for our future challenges.

  5. Hi Angela, I love your layout for the All About Me Book Group. This is my first foray into scrapbooking and really enjoyed doing my first page too.

    I love the papers you have used and the lettering is fabulous too. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


    ps I have become a follower of your blog :)

  6. It is hard doing ones of you! I like scrapping others too - but that is a beautiful LO, the strips work really well and the blue inky background is gorgeous.

  7. Hi Angela, new follower here, came over from the FB crafty bloggers group. Fantastic to do a book on yourself, don't know if I would even attempt that, I'm usually the picture 'taker' LOL


  8. Fab page hun....really love the strips of coloured paper...what a fab idea!xx


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