Monday 4 March 2013

ATC Swap - Black and White - and a Certain Little Book

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Today my post is a for an ATC Swap and mostly about a book I found that has enthralled me. Organised by my FB buddy Sandie, the theme for February's swap was 'Black and White'.

Those of you who follow the blog, will already be aware that I am working with just a few bits and pieces from my craftroom , so ATCs and smaller  projects are ideal for me at the moment.  In my temporary quarters I have come across some things that I can use in craft projects and one of these discoveries is an old book, dog-eared and without a cover called simply ' Enquire Inside'. The book has a fantastic patina and the pages are wonderfully creased and discoloured and the information inside is just amazing!  You can enquire about the treament of Chilblains, Gumboils, Table Manners, the Cup final winners from 1895  to 1926 and the correct used of Vaseline. According to this little gem, Vaseline can be used for Chapped Hands, Burns and Inflamed Eyelids. Taken internally (yes  INTERNALLY!!!) it is reported to ease diseases of the throat, chest and stomach  along with diphteria and croup!!!!! Who'd athought?! This must have been the book Noah took with him in the Ark!!!

Don't know about you, but when I see cards or scrapbook pages with printed backgrounds I try dicypher them. I found one project in a leading card craft magazine that used printed backing paper with what turned out to be a medical report on Uninary Infections  LOL.  So I am hoping  that this little book will provide me with lots of  interesting talking points for my craft projects.

Here are the six ATCs I've submitted for the swap. A mixed bunch using some copied pages from the little book I mentioned and some digital backgrounds I designed myself. I have added some stamped images, parchment with a white relief design and foam lettering to add some texture to the cards. All bits and piece culled from the chaos around me.

Can't wait to see what I get in my swap. I am never disappointed and  I marvel at the creativity that my fellow ATCers can fit on to that small canvas.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Delighted to see as always and looking forward to reading your comments.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Angela x

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