Saturday 10 May 2014

Stolen Moments for Crafting

Good morning Crafters and welcome to my Blog.

As the title of the blog states  I am stealing a few moments from whatever important housework thing I should be doing, to blog and post about things crafty.  Shameful, I know but it is either blogging / crafting or sorting washing, matching socks or hoovering. I guess you can see what has come put on top.

I am posting today about the current obsession with making my own backing papers with the help of my Photoshop photo-editing software.

That great source of information and teaching tool that is Youtube has been a great help with improving my Photoshop skills. A little bit of digging and searching comes up trumps when you find the right (and simple) tutorial to help with the 'How To's .

I have to confess that finding our how to create seamless patterns and designs in Photoshop has turned into a bit of a craze for me. I keep coming up with new ideas and combinations to try out and it keeps me entertained for hours. Or until my conscience kicks in and I empty the dishwasher or fold the ironing.  :-)

Here are couple of test 12 x 12 backing papers I had a go at today. I've started with Gingham  and Check patterns and trying out some colour combinations I've selected from photos we've taken.  The eye-dropper tool allows you to select pin-points of colour and create large blocks of the chosen for use as you please.

Roggenburg Tartan

Pink Gingham

Blue Red Yellow Check

Based  on how pleased I am with this test I will be continuing with the creative Photoshop process a bit more.

For now  I suppose I should get on with some housework.  Thank you for stopping by to read my blog and visit. Your time and comments are always appreciated.

Wishing you a great day today.

Angela x

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Thank you for taking time to visit and read my blog. Your time and comments are appreciated.