Saturday, 10 September 2016

Hello all and welcome to my crafty blog.

My Mojo came back for a visit this week and the paper and paints came out ot play .

My post today is an A4 sized  distressed, rusted effect creation. I had tried to make the rust effect some time ago, but I had lost  the 'touch' and I needed to get practising!

This piece started out with a rough cover of structure paste on a 220gsm piece of paper to create a tectured surface, which when completely dry, I washed over with an orange coloured paint.  I followed that with stencil from Plaid 'Folkart'' to buld up a nice design and more texture. This was then treated with a wash of green paint, wiped over to allow the orange to show through. I then build up the layers with blue, brown and orange paint mixing in some medium grain gel to create the crumbly rusting.

I do like the finisned result!
Now on to the next project while my Mojo is in town.

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Take care.



  1. Hi Angela! How lovely to see you posting, I did miss you! Lovely piece of work - am sat sitting here struggling with my very first piece of mixed media canvas and it's going nowhere ....... fast!

    Take care


    Di xx

    1. Hi Di,
      many thanks for the comment. It has been so long since I posted I've lost my confidence. Work has a way of smothering the Mojo and the time element in 'not enough'.
      I still keep crafty but I have moved toward drawing, painting and a lot of mixed media. It is messy but great fun! I found great inspiration,demos and ideas on Pinterest. I hope you don't struggle too much with your project...just go for it!
      BTW so inpressed with the blog and the quality of the creations.
      Keep safe and be happy.



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