Friday 13 January 2012

My Craft Space

Hi All,
Thought you would like to see where I go to make my crafty creations. This is part of a basement room I share with my OH. He works at one end in splendid organised peace and I don't !

Full of 'repurposed' bits and pieces from around house, it is my little piece of heaven. You will find jam and pickle jars used for storing embellishments, curtain-rings for hanging packs of brad,  all living together on a wrought-iron vegetable-rack that got too big for my kitchen. A glass display cabinet holds my ribbons and the old printer's-type drawer displays my collection of wood-block stamps. See, everything gets a second chance and new purpose in life.

Hard to believe sometimes that all of this started in a cardboard box I could keep in a cupboard. Since then I have accumulated lots and lots of craft supplies and equipment. Family and friends contribute to the stash on a regular basis and I am in the process of finding homes for the great craft presents I got for birthday and Christmas. I should be honest and say that this is what passes for tidy in my crafty space. Underneath all that chaos there is order and there is method...well that's my story!

Thanks again for stopping and letting me share my stories with you. Your time and comments are appreciated.

Angela x

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