Thursday 2 February 2012

Blog Update - some new bits and pieces

Hi All,

been a bit distacted lately and now I need to update the blog with some bits and pieces I've been making for challenges over at Ditzy-Craftymessers. I've been making things I've never tried before under the notion that they were too fiddly or difficult, but the truth is it was fun.

Inchies, ATCs, Paper Beads etc, all challenges set by Shendy Henderson for Ditzy-Craftymessers and all good tests for the imagination and creativity.

Here are a few of the items not features in previous postings.  Still getting the hang of inchies, trying to do the 'less is more' thing but I'm getting there. The ATCs are completely out of my comfort zone too, but again, in time....

Today we are celebrating the Chinese New Year with an oriental theme. Can't wait to see what the other Ditzy-Craftmessers come up with.




Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I appreciate your time and your comments.



  1. Great inchiees card super nice combination, middle one very interesting colours and feel (but if you don't mind me saying it's hard to see the 'forever' in the picture) and I love the birdie card really fab :)

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for the feed back. I spotted that problem with 'forever' when I posted. It was supposed to be faint, but not that faint :)

    thanks for you comments and encouragement.


Thank you for taking time to visit and read my blog. Your time and comments are appreciated.