Friday 2 April 2021

 Hello Again and long time no see.

I am trying my hand at blogging again after a break of, if my last post is to be believed, nearly 3 years. So I am testing myself and the great communications aether to see if we are compatable and get along.

Here goes.

My latest make is a DL sized card made using a gelliplate background.  I should point out at this early stage that gelliplate printing has become a new and very loved way of creating backgrounds and art in general.  Using the plate with, in this case, acrylic paint applied with a brayer, I produced the background. Combined with another craze, watercolouring, some torn paper, stamps and gel pen, I created this piece.

My inspiration comes from my own sense of what I like and various sources on-line. The products I use have great tutorials and the range of artists willing to share their processes and creativity is awesome.

As a crafty tinker, I play around with lots of different types of crafty methods and styles, shifting from one to the other depending on what I am making and what I may or may not have acquired from the craft store recently😉.

So, like I said this is the first post in a while. My makes and art style/type has changed since I initally started out making cards and scrapbook pages, but I think I have found what I like to do best: Just mess around with ink, paint, paper and scissors and see what developes.   So I have learned to go with whatever artistic vent appears that day and wait for the surprise. Use the supplies and don't overthink...a thing I am very good at.  Like someone wrote recently 'they'll always make more paper'.

I don't promote any products and I am not affiliated to any product or magazine. I am just a happy crafter sharing my makes.

 If you've dropped by and stayed to read , then thank you, and if you've commented, thank you for taking the time.

Stay Safe, be happy



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